I have traveled to many countries and spent a third of my life living in these lands. I have served voluntarily in the U.S. Armed forces and served 35 years with the Government where I worked with foreign industries, Defense Ministries and Embassies. I am the descendant of European immigrants and since childhood have lived in very diverse environments. Sociologist would classify me a “Marginal Man”, with all the difficulties that come from having lived between two (or more) cultures. But the benefits that come from growing among multi cultures also provides the ability of greater sight within a diversity of values, and in understanding the advantages along with levels of dysfunction in each. My interests have always included humanity, learning, social environments, different cultures, history, science, politics, management, sociology, administration and the art of self-reliance. I am a social person who believes in breaking bread with all levels of society and people of different lands, an activity which I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to perform. Throughout my travels I have learned a great deal about different people and cultures at a personal level and in essence I have learned a great deal about myself. I can say that my experience with human nature and human beings is not only limited to study but also based on having actually lived among them, as one of them, for over 50 years. I am a first time writer whose writing abilities I believe are elementary, but I have faith in what I know and believe in, and I have a lot to say. Or in the words of John the Baptist, “I am just another voice in the wilderness”

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